planning & Design

Our homes are expressions of our personalities.  The colors, furnishings, and accessories we choose all come together to convey the essence of our home.  That is why the custom architectural ironwork by Seth Satterfield, iron artisan, is created through an intimate collaboration with each of his clients.  They might share with me an architectural theme, a photo from a favorite vacation spot or some other design detail, and those ideas inspire a one-of-a-kind piece of iron artwork: custom railings, chandeliers, fireplace doors, furniture, sculpture, wine cellar doors, and the list goes on.  Over the years, Seth has used his creative problem-solving skills to design functional elements of iron works that complement any home, office, or living space.  He is not limited to working with just steel, but also an expert in hand forged copper, bronze, stainless steel, and aluminium.  

After our initial design meeting the next step is to create concept drawings and sketches for your project.  Seth can provide design services for your project or you may use your own designer.  

After initial drawings are approved I will create an estimate based on these.

After you review this estimate and approve it, I request a down payment for your project.  We will then complete auto CAD drawings and forge or fabricate any samples if necessary.  Please note that all drawings and samples are property of Seth Satterfield and are copyrighted. These are available for purchase.